Blackmagic Intensity Pro - VHS flicker problem solved!

8/4/2008 5:14:29 PM

The Intensity Pro video capture card allows you to accept audio and video input from a wide array of analog and digital devices, including HDMI, composite, and component sources.  We, like others, have struggled with one particular problem with this card in that when connecting a VHS deck to the card via composite connections, the video would frequently "black-out".  You would lose audio and video for a second, it would then return for a couple of seconds, but would then "black-out" again.  Other video sources using the same composite connection all worked fine.  It seems that there may be a problem with the signal strength or format coming from the VHS deck.  Blackmagic support suggested that perhaps the VHS deck in use was not supported, but others have reported this problem with an array of VHS brands and models.

We solved this problem using a simple solution -- convert the composite video signal to S-Video.   Using $40 in parts from a local computer store, we attached an RCA-to-S-Video connector to the back of the VCR, and then attached, an S-Video to dual RCA cable, which then plugs into the card itself.

Parts List
Image Type Description
S-Video to RCA Adapter Male RCA to female S-Video adapter
Ziplinq S-Video to RCA Adapter
 S-Video to Dual RCA Cable Male S-Video to dual female RCA cable
QVS Premium S-Video to Two RCA Cable

Steps to follow
  1. Plug the S-Video to RCA Adapter into the composite video out on your VHS deck
  2. Plug the S-Video male end of the cable into the S-Video to RCA Adapter on the VHS deck
  3. Plug the yellow RCA end from the S-Video cable into the "Y Input" female end on the Intensity Pro card
  4. Plug the white RCA end from the S-Video cable into the "B-Y Input" female end on the Intensity Pro card
  5. Open the Intensity control panel and set the input to "S-Video & Analog RCA Audio"
  6. Capture VHS video


Tom on 6/17/2009 10:50:29 PM wrote:
ok ive tried this and i believe ive followed it to the letter
but i actually still get what was described as the problem with flickering

Alex on 3/2/2012 11:34:15 AM wrote:
Same here.
The adapter and cables don't improve anything in my setup. Still the black gaps :(

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